About The Dragon Den

We are an Australian based guild
Anyone may join as a member and anyone can use the amenities.
To join simply ask anyone currently online in “The dragon Den” to type
/guild invite yourname
There are no restrictions to join just that you are nice to other people.


Text Chat

Please join Theden in game type /join theden No password required

The Guild hall

The guild hall is located in timorous deep in the housing area it is the door with the purple lanterns
To enter type “The Dragon” into the search as there is another  guild called “Dragon den”


We are not raiding at the moment but stuill run groups on thursdays.

Raid Policy

Please use the rapid raid widget on the right to sign up for raids or to let us know if you can't make it.
We run a raid aliance. This is many guilds raiding together.
To raid with us simply apply on this website. You do not have to leave the guild you are in.

Loot Rules

Loot Rules 


  • Rubyfire/Burningvines
  • Maxximum/Connorr


  • Blakmamba/Blakbolt
  • Deathadda/Tiapan
  • Azenia
  • Androsrockheart
Rubyfire's resources website
Follow the above link to rubyfire's resources website
Class stat guide

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